“From their call receptionist to their master plumber, these folks take care of business. Mark, who installed the BPs, was at least one step ahead of me in all situations. The stop box lock (outside) was too deteriorated to open. Mark was outside with a portable recip. saw before Water Dept. could call the Fire Dept. Probably saved 30 minutes of waiting right there.

As the water was shut off for installation, unexpectedly, our neighbor’s water would halt as well. I went next door to apologize, but Mark already ran over and explained the situation to them. Wow.

I did everything I could to allow Mark to do his job comfortably (clear obtrusive equipment, shelving, etc. from his workspace) and he finished and tested the job at least an hour ahead of schedule. He got our neighbor’s water turned back on earlier than expected, too.

What do I take away from this? There’s no ‘Tip’ line on the bill, right? This wasn’t a cheap job. The city demands certified pros. Mark is a flawless Pro+. Just glad you don’t have to tip plumbers. I’d owe Mark a lot.”

– Chris C.