We offer the following backflow prevention services...

Certification & Testing
Backflow Prevention Services can bring you into compliance with your municipality and provide documentation for all parties involved with backflow compliance
Factory Authorized Repair
           Backflow Prevention Services is factory authorized for repairs on Watts, Wilkins, Conbraco, Ames, and Febco devices. We carry repair kits
           for most devices on our trucks and can assist with repairs in urgent situations.

            Backflow Prevention Services provides a full range of piping and backflow prevention device installation for each unique job site
            specification and will install as required by local plumbing codes.

System Design & Consulting
             Backflow Prevention Services can provide a full range of design, sizing, placement, and required devices for all your backflow
             prevention needs. We have two master plumbers on staff to assist with system design.

State Wide Service Area
             Backflow Prevention Services services the complete state of Michigan. We also welcome and specialize in servicing your national business
             partner accounts.

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